Five Ways to Learn Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business

In the world full of Social Media Campaigns, Google Adwords, Virtual Meetings and Inbound Marketing one would ask why Email Marketing is important for your business. Has Email Marketing become a thing of the Past? Long story short: No. Email Marketing is possibly the best Digital Marketing Strategy that can prove to be a game-changer for your business if used well.

Intrigued? Letís learn some basics of this magical Mantra before diving into the pool.
Email Marketing is the form of marketing by sending the email to your clients or customers to promote your business. This is why Email Marketing is important for your business as it can help in making your customers aware of the latest update, the launch of new tools, the launch of new service, etc.

Ever noticed an email from Zomato in your inbox that tells you about lucrative offers for a day on your favourite food and Restaurants? That is email marketing based on food insights and eating behaviour. The same way many other companies use Email Marketing as a potential Digital Marketing Strategy to target their audience and to get connected to them. Dominos came to help when parents were sceptical about ordering food online in the Lockdown.

Why Email Marketing is Important for your Business?

This is indeed the most asked question in the era where email marketing seems like a dying phenomenon. Believe it or not but email marketing is still ranked as the most effective marketing channel, beating out social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing. The data shows that Email is the platform used by almost every citizen who uses the internet and comes inbuilt in almost every Smartphone and tablet. So, Email Marketing can be the most vibrant and powerful way to grow your business.

Looking for a reason why Email Marketing is important for your business. Weíll give you five!

1. Email Marketing can help you build a relationship with your Customer:

You can easily communicate with your customer through Email Marketing. This way customers will gain loyalty in your brand- thus result in increasing sales. Email Marketing is a permission-based marketing technique which means they have allowed you to send them emails and keep them notified of the latest updates.

2. Email Marketing is a cost Effective marketing Technique:

This is indeed the most appropriate answer to why Email Marketing is Important for your business. Email Marketing allows you to reach a large number of consumers at low rates of less than pennies per message. If youíre a start-up business who is facing a cash crunch then Email Marketing is something you canít afford to miss. Same way, if you are a business giant then Email Marketing will cost you way too less than traditional marketing channels like TV, radio, or social media campaigns.

3. Always ends with an Action:

Yes, you read it right. Email Marketing is the best way of Call to Action that includes direct actions like reply, forward, click-through, sign-up, or even straight buying. Email Marketing can be used to drive traffic and turn that traffic into your potential customers.

4. Gives a higher Rate of Conversion than Social Media Campaigns:

With so many social media campaigns available, it often becomes hard to decide Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business. A well-designed Email can provide a higher rate of conversion than any other Social Media Campaign. As per the data, the rate of acquisition is higher from Email Marketing than other social media platforms. There are more than 4.5 billion Internet users in the world and nearly all of them have active social media accounts. So clearly investing in Email Marketing is a win-win situation for your business.

5. Email Marketing is easily measurable:

With Email Marketing, the phenomena of shooting in the dark do not work. Everything goes on the record. By using Email marketing you can track who opened your email, which links were clicked, and how many people unsubscribed. Email Marketing even provides you with the tool of tracking the bounce rate and delivery rate. By doing so, you can easily improvise or make adjustments in your marketing strategy accordingly.


A survey showed that email marketing can help in raising brand awareness. Of course, millennials like to spend more time on social media but, we canít escape the fact that they get attentive as soon as an email pops in and you never know, that view of your popped-in email can be your next customer. Now, as you know why Email Marketing is important for your business, craft an email strategy, define your objectives and goals, and Send Emails. Remember, flooding their inbox with superfluous email will eventually result in unsubscribe. Write a crafty, friendly, and Engaging Email and Send it now!