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Digi Om Marketing is the industry’s best social media marketing agency, providing competitive services. With a tailored social media marketing service plan, build your brand name, generate revenue, engage with your potential customers on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and etc.

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Why Should You Select Social Media Marketing Services?

01. Bespoke Campaigns

Our professional team members develop bespoke campaigns for your business. Increase your brand awareness as we will run a well-planned campaign.

02. Lead-Oriented

Avail the best social media marketing services that provide lead-oriented and quick results. We curate industry-specific campaigns on various social media channels.

03. Result-Driven

Our social media marketing campaigns are result-driven that generate more reach, brand awareness, and results.

04. Expert Team

We have certified social media marketers who develop, implement, monitor and run your social media campaign on multiple channels.

Expand Business On Social Media Channels

Business Analysis



Content Strategy


Social Media Marketing Process

1. Assign a Social Media Expert

Our team assigns a social media expert head with an in-house team that will handle your social media account. We will review and analyze the details of your business account and work closely to draft a strategy to meet the business goals and requirements. Our team will research the right keywords, trending hashtags, and formulate a plan that will help create a positive brand image, generate more leads and brand awareness.

2. Analyze Your Competitors

Our experts will examine and review thoroughly your competitors account. As the best social media agency, we will analyze your competitor’s strategy. After assessing your current business handle, we will create a social media campaign that will bring positive results. There is no one specific strategy or a plan and that’s why our team reviews a clients’ business account to formulate the best strategy for their business.

3. Reporting

Our expert team makes a report of the social media campaigns and works closely with the clients’ so that they are always updated with the latest work. We report the results of the campaigns and how positive or negative the results were. We also mention the demographics and audience age group from which we are driving the maximum result.

Social Media Marketing Services

Unique Content Creation

Our certified social media marketers create unique content using images, carousels, infographics, graphics, and etc. Our-in-house content creators work closely with the team to draft engaging posts. We endeavour to drive more brand impression, increase reach, and boost engagement on various social media channels with our social media campaigns.

Facebook Page Administration

With an our-in-house team, we do a Facebook page management for our clients’. From engaging page creation, post upload, to designing, our team handles everything on our clients’ Facebook page with an aim to increase the reach globally and increase our followers base. We monitor Facebook ad campaigns, reply to the comments, and their performance.

Twitter Account Administration

Reflect the competence or professionalism on Twitter as our team uses trending hashtags and captions that will create an impact. Our dedicated Twitter marketing head will create a strategy and build a goal for your brand to develop brand awareness and a positive impact on your potential clients.

LinkedIn Account Management

Level up your brand’s reach and name on a global level on LinkedIn. Our professional team creates campaigns to create a network of professionals on your business account. B2C and B2B can avail benefits as our team members will increase your reach and connect your business account with like-minded professionals.

Instagram Account Marketing

Engage with the audience from all over the world and boost your engagement with the help of our Instagram marketing professionals. With trending hashtags, unique captions, appealing videos, and engaging content, our team will create more leads and turn your potential clients into your genuine customers.

Pinterest Management

Our social media marketers have expertise in blending the feed, boards, and pins for your Pinterest account. We generate a creative and innovative post to increase your engagement and leads. Drive more results and blend all the vital aspects of the Pinterest account to get more satisfaction.







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